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June 7th, 2012, 08:24 AM
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With Reagan, I had fairly low platelets and they told me that there was a slight possibility I wouldn't have the option of an epi, which totally freaked me, I really wanted the option, I had a feeling I would need it. I was sent to a hematologist to rule out any other issues other than pregnancy, but they found nothing. Well, the day came for my induction, they checked my counts and they were in the 90k's and the anesthesiologist on call was okay with my numbers...phew! A few weeks later they were back to normal, so pregnancy induced issue.

So, when I had my CBC with this pregnancy weeks ago, my platelets were just above 100k, which is lower than normal (they should be 150k-450k), but not low enough to be concerned about not getting an epi. My doc decided, though, that she should recheck them, so we didn't have any surprises the day of the birth. Well, I got my results on Monday morning, they are quite low, 71k, lower than with Reagan. She said that I may not be able to get the epi again, ugh! She is sending me to a hematologist to see if they might prescribe steroids to increase the count, so I can still have that option. I do NOT want to take steroids, when I see the doc, I plan on asking about other options. A girl from my DDC found "natural" ways for me to try and increase them, including eating certain foods. So, I am eating salad! It said fish too, but I can't eat fish, because it makes me sick, pregnant or not, so that option is out. It also said warm water, which I can't seem to stomach either...argh!

Anyways, wondering if any of you ladies have dealt with this during pregnancy, I am freaked out that I might not get the epi this time and I really needed it last time!!
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