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June 7th, 2012, 01:12 PM
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We're having a real issue with my son being a bully to our pets. Our geriatric dog gets chased around with his cars/trucks or he (literally) pushes her around. He keeps grabbing our short-haired cat's tail, but more or less leave the long-haired cat alone. He's actually very gentle with her. To clarify, when he's *not* being a brat with the girls, he's very kind to them... calls them by name, and knows what they are (doggy, kitty). He loves to feed them treats and give them their bowls of food at meal times.

But he doesn't seem to care that he's hurting Nikki (the cat) when he grabs her tail, nor does he seem to care when her incredible patience wears thin and she lets out an "leave me ALONE!" meow and swats at him. And Dixie (the dog), just gets up and moves to another spot, and another spot, and another spot, etc... when he chases her.

We've put him in a time-out, we've taken his toys away, he just doesn't seem to care what the punishment is, he just keeps going back to his bullying ways. Any ideas? We don't really want to wait until he gets scratched or bitten, and we don't want to have to exile the girls from his room when we're all in there.
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