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June 7th, 2012, 09:11 PM
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My settlement from the insurance company came in from the crash I was in a few weeks ago. I am amazed since the check was only sent out on Monday and I got it today! So I had $600 extra dollars to spare.

I bought me some new maternity capris, a body pillow and some deodorant.

But I also picked up about $200 dollars worth of new baby stuff! So I finally got to get much of the things I didn't receive from the baby-shower.

Most importantly, baby bath, towels, handy first-aid kit/hygiene kit.
I also bought her a bouncer, some hats,socks,mitts, a window cover (for the car), a few toys and some bottles.

I need to buy some more things for nursing, such as bras, pads and maybe a pump. I am not sure wither or not to buy the pump now or wait until after she is born to see if everything will go smoothly.

I am also thinking about putting money towards a crib soon, I have her playard/bassinet set still but she won't sleep in that forever, lol.

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