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June 8th, 2012, 12:27 PM
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DH has to help me with so much! I feel so pathetic!

Before every appointment DH has to help me shave my legs and help me trim up my lady bits. This may be TMI but the other day DH walked into the bathroom and I had a lot of mucous so I was trying to clean up a bit. So I had my leg on the toilet, turned all funny trying to wipe it. He laughed and then helped me get the rest! I was so embarrassed but so grateful because I actually felt clean. He also if he's home will help me put my pants and underwear on cause he says he thinks it's sad how long it takes me by myself. He always offers to get me things so I don't have to get up. He rubs my back and feet daily. He's the only one working right now. He just does so much!

Point being is I'm super grateful he's been such a help lately! Since I'm only 4"10 with a big belly in the way things are very difficult! But I mean I am the one that carries the baby for over 9 months and has to push it out and then deal with all the healing... So I guess they should have to help as much as they can haha

I hope all your SO take care of you guys too. Just had to share about mine.

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