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June 8th, 2012, 03:32 PM
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You can't tell discharge from CM by finger testing it. You can only tell if a particular observation is infertile by keeping a CM record for 3 cycles. If you have the *exact* same observation after AF without any dry days during those cycles, then it can be classified as infertile discharge. It should be different than what you observe during the fertile phase. 3 cycles of charting gives you time to learn to recognize your Point of Change; the moment when the infertile discharge changes to fertile mucus.

Every cycle is unique. Ovulation can occur very early, even if that's never happened to you before. That's why the signs are important, day by day. If this sort of wetness is what you typically have when you're fertile, then you should consider yourself fertile right now. Ignore what day it is, your body is telling you something!
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