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June 9th, 2012, 07:34 AM
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Harper Willow Lynne, 4lb 2oz, 47cm Born 7th of June 2012

Harper was born 7 weeks and 5 days early via c-section. I had PROM (premature rupture of the membranes) and had been in hospital on bedrest for about 5 days before it started to look like I was developing an infection and the risk of keeping her in, out weighed the risk of being pre-term, I had managed to get her to 32 weeks though and was told this was a huge milestone. Being 4 hours from all my family and friends, I called my mum and told her they were planning on taking the baby that afternoon and she got in the car and started heading my way. Unfortunately though they came up to get me like 30 minutes before she would arrive... I had agreed to participating in a research project for women who have had PROM, a few days before, the research midwife in charge and my midwife that day must of talked because before I knew it Gabrielle was scrubbed up and coming in with me so I wouldn't be alone. (She had knocked off for the afternoon and everything). Jade (my midwife that day) told me later she left work crying because she was so worried about me, I was a mess to say the least.. Gabrielle was so wonderful, she held my hand and kept me still during my spinal and talked me through all the feelings and everything that was happening. Then just as she was about to be born, they lowered the curtain and let me watch them pull my little girl out of my belly and showed me that she was a girl! Then they took her over to be cleaned and checked, and they had a camera and tv screen so I could look up and watch my baby girl while they checked her over. Then they told me that she was looking perfect so they bought her over for a little cuddle, just as my Mum arrived. Mum was scrubbed in and there were loads of photos taken (Gabrielle took my phone and took pics of her being born etc). Then Mum took my phone and followed the baby to the NICU with the pead team.
Gabrielle kept me distracted and busy by discussing baby names and how perfect she was. It wasn't long and someone returned with my phone and the fact that she was 4lb 2oz and doing fantastic. I had previously chosen Ariana for a girl, but she just didn't look like an Ariana to me, then it just came to me.. Harper I asked Gabrielle what she thought and then my OB exclaimed that her middle name was Harper, it just seemed perfect
I was finally stitched up, taken to recovery and then finally they came and got me. They took me past NICU to see my sweet baby girl, where I finally got a proper cuddle.

They told me she didn't need any breathing aids at all, not even nose prongs. She was on room air such a strong little girl!
Then they took me back up to my room and I fell asleep a very exhausted, happy mummy.

She is just over 55 hours old, I have done kangaroo care with her three times now, she is put in my top skin to skin. She loves this
her oxygen always sits on 100, shes doing well with her temp too. She's been classified as a growing prem, which means she doesn't need to do anything but grow! At the moment she is on IV for nutrition, but she had her nasal gastric tube put in this morning I think, and is having a little EBM as well. Shes off anti-biotics as of tonight, her bloods look fantastic. Slowly they will wean from the IV onto full EBM via tube (just got to do it slowly so her little belly can tolerate it) and once shes fully tube fed, and has gotten back to her birth weight, they said they will put her in an open cot and hopefully we can look into transferring either back home or to a hospital closer to home.

She's just perfect, I am totally smitten by my amazing daughter, shes a miracle


♥ Isla Rae Due August 28th

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