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June 9th, 2012, 06:16 PM
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I was on birth control pill...and by the time my period was 3 weeks late, my bf and i were at each other's throat.

He was stressing because he had just got a brand new job close to were I lived and was about to move an hour away and into my place...

And suddenly I became EXTREMELY hormonal and took it all out on him.

So I went home after a huge argument.... and knew I haven't been acting right in the went and bought a home pregnancy test...

But I didn't want him to continue on as plan just because I was pregnant...

So I apologized for the way I've been acting (ie. Getting extremely jealous and actually crying because there happened to be girls in bikini on a reality show... lol)

His response was... you love me for my good and bad sides, so it's only right I love you for yours.

So I told him... in that case... I have to tell you something.

"You're pregnant?"
"Yes... how did you know?"
"*** how did that happen? Weren't you taking the pills?"
"Uh Duh! You know I'm not ready to be a mom!"
~Silence for a minute~
"Well, this baby is 50% mine, so I'm in it 150%"

He moved in, and as each day went on, he became more and more excited, even more than me, and even started to talk to my tummy despite how early along I was... He even picked a name, and bought a crib and even little shoes for his soon to be "son."

He cried when he saw the baby's heart beating for the first time....

And despite my protesting about how I didn't want to tell people the news until after my 12th week, he told everyone who would listen that he was having a baby!

And a week later, he became upset and angry and cried like he's never cried when I miscarried....

I just knew I wanted a baby by this man...

So he slipped a ring on my finger and a month and a half later, I fell pregnant again...

And again, right now, we're having complications with this pregnancy already too... so even though he's excited I'm pregnant again, he's being realistic about it, respecting my wish not to tell people, and he says come Monday, if we find out that this pregnancy is non viable like the OB suspects, he doesnt care how many times we have to try, we will be having a baby...and in the meantime, he'll get me a puppy so we can raise together just in case we wont be having a baby to raise anytime soon....
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