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June 9th, 2012, 10:28 PM
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Originally Posted by MeggysMommy View Post
So I definitely started so I guess I O'd on CD 16 instead of 20 like I had thought
Why? The timing of AF doesn't determine when ovulation was. Every cycle is unique! CD19 looks to me like it may have been your CM Peak (there's room for error on that without knowing the sensation pattern), and the thermal shift started CD 22. I'd put the coverline up at 97.6 though. It's not unusual for mucus and temps not to line up exactly, but Peak is the closer estimate of ovulation. Looks like a super short LP this month, for whatever reason. That can happen if the egg you happened to release just wasn't a great one this time. Crappy egg = crappy corpus luteum = crappy LP. It doesn't mean anything's wrong if it's a once in awhile occurrence, happen to everyone sometimes!
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