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June 9th, 2012, 10:49 PM
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Yup, a friend of mine was like that, until I told her about my experience with the docs. They kept telling me that my cycles were off, that something was wrong, yadda yadda.
and when I finally quit using NuvaRing and the like, which I had been instructed to do in order to "set my cycles straight" I started getting into FAM.
And I found out that I did have regular cycles, even though they always were about 38 days in length and that I would rarely ovulate before day 27, usually later than that. So, trying to get pregnant around day 14 would be a really stupid idea in my case.

She was a little stunned and then gave it a try, finding out that she was about 5 days off when trying to get pregnant. About two cycles into FAM she finally achieved her goal
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