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June 10th, 2012, 11:25 AM
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Well, after abusing my body, I have finally decided to stick with something more natural. Here's to hoping I have the self control for it!

In March, I got an IUD put in. I bled for a good 7-8 weeks, stopped bleeding for a week and 1/2 when I got some EXTREME pain followed by bloody fertile mucus. Went in and had the IUD removed, and the NP pushed on my sides, which were still tender from the pain a couple of days before and said she thought I ovulated from that side. Took morning after pill, then put in Nuvaring later that day. That was on a Friday.

On Monday, decided to take Nuvaring out because it was causing cramping. Starting bleeding lightly Tuesday, which lasted until yesterday and today I am just having brown creamy spotting. Started temping for real this morning.

So here's the questions...

1.) I did pick up my BBT and start temping on the Friday I had my IUD removed, and my temps were quite high, indicating that I did, in fact, O. I know this isn't reliable, since I didn't chart prior but my temps are very consistent and not much affects them. Anyway, so on Wednesday, the day after the bleeding started, my temp dropped. My question is, does the morning after pill/nuvaring cause a temp rise or can I be pretty sure I did ovulate?

2.) If I can't be confident that I did ovulate, should ovulation occur on a normal basis now that I am not using any hormones? I am still nursing, but I am only nursing twice a day, which is when my periods returned (very regularly) with DD.

I know I will probably get the whole "We can't tell you, you'll just have to wait and see" but I HAAAAAAATE waiting. SO, it's worth a shot!

Oh, and our plan is to use spermicide until after O is confirmed.

THanks for any input!
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