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June 10th, 2012, 05:26 PM
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IMO you need to leave him at the vet utnil the test is complete. They know what they're doing and he's not a person so no he doesn't feel abandoned because animals don't have that type of response like humans. He may not be thrilled, and if he doesn't drink then they will probably give him Subq fluids in order to move the process along as well as keep him from being dehydrated (although you will have to pay for that). If you're concerned you may want to bring up the idea of the Sub Q fluids. That way he really won't have a choice but to urinate as he will be full of fluids and eventually he will be forced to. If the collection they are seeking is not one that they put a catheter in, then their approach sounds reasonable to me. But to move the process along I'd probably push for and pay for the sub Q's that way he can come home sooner and they will have gotten what they need. Also canned food instead of dry can help it along too because the dry food soaks up a lot of their hydration.

Good luck!
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