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June 10th, 2012, 08:26 PM
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Hi, I donít know how to start this. ButÖ I am having some serious problem right now. Iím 21 weeks pregnant and really need some help.

Both my husband and I know that my hormone is going crazy which isnít fun for either of us at all or anybody else. Most of the times I donít want to be talk to or near to anyone. Also little things that seem innocent and make no sense seem to get on my nerve so bad.
I know my husband have it really hard and he is really trying to do his best to be there for me.

A bit more than a week ago, his mother passed away. Ever since then, things have just been getting really bad.
I was mad at him because ever since his mother passed away, he has been a big baby about it. He took a week off work against my suggestion. Now he is home a lot more which doesnít help at all!
To make thing worse, he seems to show no regarding for my needs or anything and doesnít appreciate any support I have gave. It was very tough for me to try giving him any support since I really canít stand him at all, let lone try to be around him with him wanting to hug or be close to me a lot.

Thing seems to steadily get worse over the time. Finally four days ago, we got in a terrible argue and I ended up did few things that I really regret and am not proud of.
My husband ended up left at middle of the night then took almost all money out of the bank account next day.

He isnít answering phone call and have answered text only twice despite of numerous calls and texts I sent him!
I have tried to apologize many times and explain him that I didnít mean to be that way toward him. Yet he doesnít even seem to care.
I donít know what to do anymore! Iím getting desperate and scared.
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