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June 11th, 2012, 10:26 AM
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Well, I'm offically home from Vegas and of course forgot to bring my OPK's.... ugh I even had them on the counter ready to pack and then forgot. I had a great time there and seriously got NO sleep. Sometimes I think its a little bit nuts how hard business people party! I slept all day on friday because I was only on like 6 hours sleep in 4 days time or something insane.

Saturday we had a bridal shower for my cousin who I love to death, but she lives in Dallas. It was great to see her and her fiance. Sunday we started packing because we move next week. When I mean move, I mean move the majority of stuff into a POD - that will be dropped off at our new house in July. Then move (temporarily!) with my parents. I didn't realize how much moving sucked. We went through like 3 newspapers packing all the glass/dishware.

Nothing new to report on TTC. I should be ovluating any day now, but no sign of a positive OPK since I returned home on Friday. I'm crossing my fingers I didn't ovulate on the trip but I guess I won't know. This morning I thought my OPK looked slightly darker but my urine was super concentrated so it's probably just that. I was too tired to get any on friday, and tried to get some on sat. but my husband was too drunk to finish. Finally got some on sunday! Hope it's enough.

We also booked a camping/boating trip for June 30th with DH's non pregnant couples who are planning to get smashed and party it up. I figure if AF comes at least I'll have that too look foward to!

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