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June 11th, 2012, 11:55 AM
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Does her high school have an NHS (national honor society), if so she might want to get involved with them, DW was in NHS in high school and she managed to get a scholorship because of it. Being involved in the community and in school looks awesome on college apps as well. She could look into volunteering at a local hospitial during the summer, so she can see what doctors have to do on a daily basis, and get better idea of it's for her. And she could also take a few classes at a community college, maybe during the summer, so she can idea of what will be expected of her in college. Cause doctors go through a lot of college.

Oh, DW advises that right now she focus on just getting into a good college, and then into a decent medical school, worry about the specailty later because once you get into medical school that will often change. Right now being an OB/GYN might sound awesoem to her. But in 8 years she might like surgery or infections disease better. DW looked into med school but decided to become a science teacher instead, she had no idea what her speciality would've been.
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