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June 12th, 2012, 02:06 AM
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Originally Posted by jhmomofmany View Post
It drives me nuts that docs and nurses pay lip service to the fact that every baby is individual and grows at his/her own rate, but as soon as there is a deviation- they blame bf'ing. If she's making the appropriate wet and dirty diapers, then you know she is getting enough milk for her needs right now, regardless of what the scale shows. I'm sure you know that, so do your best to remember that if they start putting the pressure on you. If, by chance, there is a supply issue, then the answer is to nurse more, not less. Good luck, I hope everything will go well and it won't be any problem!
My doc's actually really relaxed about everything, I don't know that he'll recommend supplementing, I just know I've had friends that happened to, but I also don't know he'll have to recommend anything, I'm just hoping she'll be back to what she's supposed to be by Friday.

Originally Posted by Babybear4 View Post
Thinking good thoughts for you! As the others stated, as long as she is making enough dirty diapers, there really isn't anything to worry about right now.
Yeah, that's actually kinda of what my doc said on Friday, was that she was having wet and dirty diapers so there probably wasn't anything to worry about.

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