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June 12th, 2012, 11:36 PM
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Sadly I doubt it. When I hinted at it before she said that she's ready to let him go away for that long, maybe in 5 or 6 years... I wanted to write back "except DH is entitled to 1/2 of the time he's not working with Reme, and he wants to take him to Canada". Sadly, if she says no, we have no recourse. Even though international travel IS in the divorce agreement... we still need his birth certificate, we still need her to approve the pass port and we need her to write letters saying we can take him.

Sometimes, being a step parent SUCKS. Reme likes to curl up on me while I skype with home and ask me who I'm talking to, when their birthdays are and what relation they are to him. So far he's established that the little girls are his cousins, my brothers are uncles and that he has a lot of new aunts. He's a lil unsure on my mom and grandmother. And I suspect he'll call my grandfather pappy. We aren't telling him he has to call anyone anything even though my one brother has requested if possible to be "unkabee" (his name is Brandon and he is a doofus, and I love him for it). The little guy cried when we told him he coudln't go to Canada with us and wanted to know why not.

I mean, I accept that L's his mom. But at this point he does have a relationship with her new husband's family.. we only think it's fair that he get to know mine, no matter how far away they are. Really all she's doing is restricting Reme from spending time with his dad. And it's really important to DH (and me) that he get to know these people before we add a baby to the mix. And since we're TTC more than a year in advance of our original scheduled plan, we need to move the plan forward a bit. And after having been away from Reme for almost 5 full months, I think that alone should give him the extra time with him.

Stupid opk went lighter tonight. So I either missed my surge, or the move has me stressed enough I'm not going to O. This happened last time we moved home from a job... his family caused some trouble and I had a 40+ day long cycle. The stress was so bad I'm surprised I O'd at all. I hope I missed my surge and my temps will show an O in the next couple of days!!!!!
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