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June 13th, 2012, 02:27 AM
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Originally Posted by bayhay View Post
I'm a first timer here, but aren't they a little young to really watch tv? We have it on in the house all the time but if I ever see her paying attention to it I try to distract her. I haven't purposely turned it to kid programming yet. At what age do they really start to enjoy and learn from tv?
I'm not sure when babies learn from tv or dvd's but I do know that they pick up on things quite young. yes, they may not know that an object is a certain color or shape but they realize that there are different colors and sizes coming up and helping them explore that part. We actually don't have TV in our house so that it doesn't become a distraction. But we do have movies/dvd's and that way we know exactly what's being played and nothing will pop up.

The kidsongs that Kynslee occasionally watches is just singing and kids and animals acting along with the songs. Kynslee loves music and so it's fun for her to see other kids enjoying music and watching them interact. I limit how often she watches so it's not all the time.
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