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June 13th, 2012, 10:16 AM
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I plan to help my kids out more than I got from my parents, but by no means do I want to give them a free ride.

University/college- I will pay tuition and basic living expenses. They will be expected to work in the summer and budget through the year for spending money and other bills.

Cell phone- Pay themselves.

Car- I will match what they put into it for their first car. They will be responsible for gas and insurance.

Clothes- As kids, yes I will pay for everything. As teenages, they will get a clothing budget.I will buy a new winter coat when they truely need it. Same with shoes. If they want to buy more than the money I gave them, they will have to find their own money. Also, if they want to blow all their money on an expensive piece or two, that is up to them.

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