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June 13th, 2012, 10:19 AM
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Have I thought about it? No, not really!

I have a Education Savings Plan for Kaitlyn (haven't started Dominic's yet) so we do plan to help out with some costs of University/college.

Living expenses. I would like to give them the option to stay at home while going to school if possible, if not, I'm not sure.

A car, yeah, I'm sure DH will get them cars. He used to be a mechanic and is very into cars so hears of good deals all the time etc. I'm sure he will do some of the mechanic work on them as well - if he doesn't teach them how to do it themselves! I don't plan to pay for gas at all.

Cell phone and clothes will be mostly up to them. A lot of it depends, if they have a job and aren't blowing money, are going to school and do really well then obviously I'll reward them for that with different things. If they are being immature and buying crap all the time with no money left for important things then no way. I'm not afraid to let them learn a lesson.

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