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June 13th, 2012, 10:58 AM
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We plan on being similar to my parents on this one. College we will do as much as we can. As well as offer part of my husband's GI bill since he is going to school while in the navy he will not use it once he is out. And it can now be used by family.

Car when the graduate HS and not before but they must also earn it.

Insurance/cell/gas I want them to pay for. Or at least 1/2 of insurance. I couldnt get my license until I could pay for insurance.

Living expenses as long as they are living at home we will provide as much as we can. If they go to college close to home I prefer they live at home. My friend was forced to live in the dorm her first year and had an awful experience (the college was only 20-25 minutes away from home). And I dont feel I should force my children to live away from home if they do not want to and if they are not ready.

Clothes- We will pay for their clothes to an extent. If they want a 65 dollar pair of jeans then well they will just have to pay for those or at least 1/2. All with in reason.

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