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June 13th, 2012, 11:08 AM
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First name:Susan
Due date:July 16th (per me) or July 23rd (per OB)
Genders if known:GIRLS!!!

How are things going so far?I was put on partial bedrest at 23/24 weeks and went into PTL at 30weeks5days....spent 4 days on Mag Sulfate in hospital, sent home on Nifedipine and FULL off Nifedipine at 34 weeks & just waiting to see what happens. Still on full bedrest...allowed to come off completely on 6/25! 12 more days!!!!
When is your next appointment?Today in about an hour & then again Friday...I'm going 2-3 times a weeks now for NST and OB visits
What are you most anxious about? Whether or not baby B will flip once Baby A is out & praying not to have a double wammie...
What are you most excited about? Having made it to 34/35 weeks! AND getting to hold my precious babies soon!!!!

What question would you most like us to answer for you?Did you tandem nurse or do each one you have an older child that you nursed singly & did this affect your decision/comfort level (what you were used to) on whether or not to tandem?
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