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June 13th, 2012, 05:39 PM
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University/college? We will pay for it as much as we can.
Liviing expenses? When they are living in my house, we will pay for everything 100%! When they first move out & need help, we will help. That's what parents are for, in my opinion!
What about a car as a teenager? Yes, although it won't be a brand new car & she will have to earn the right to keep it. Only using it to/from school, work, etc. The minute she abuses it, it's gone.
Cell phone bill? For sure, unless she abuses it. Then it's gone.
Clothes? Yes, in my opinion, it's the parents job to pay for their child's clothes, atleast until the are 18.

However, Savannah will get a job at 16. It's good to start earning your own money, helping with her expenses. I think it teaches responsibility early on.

I'm basing all my answers off the idea that Savannah will be a good little christian teenage girl! haha
If she's a crap head, rebellious naughty teenager, she will get 0 privileges. But as long as she's respectful, mature, & responsible, we will do all of the above, gladly.
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