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June 13th, 2012, 08:08 PM
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College: My Step-dad and mom started a fund for Savannah. We will cover 2 years at a community college. They will be responsible for the rest.

Car: Hopefully everything is the same, but Adam has a company vehicle and every 3-4 years he gets a new one. We are allowed to buy it out (usually 2,000- 2,700). So we are hoping we can do that for her. It is well maintained and he gets an oil change every month or so. It will just have a lot of miles on it. She will be responsible for gas and part of insurance.

Cell phone: Undecided. Hopefully yes if cheap with a family share plan. If she abuses it by using all the minutes or downloading a bunch of stuff, then she pays.

Clothes: We will buy, but I will not being paying for Express or name brand clothing with high prices. She can get that on her own if she must have it.

Job: Yes she will get a job. I had a job on a working permit and throughout summers. I probably won't let her her work during the week in high school. School comes first. Weekends and Summers are fine.

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