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August 24th, 2006, 09:40 AM
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I love Emma and Ava....they are very popular for sure (I believe Emma is number 2 and Ave is 9 on SSA? Don't hold me to that though!) but they are both timeless classics. Morgan and MacKenzie are both very harsh and masculine sounding to me (unsurprising as they were both originally boys names) and MacKenzie is getting super trendy. I would go with Ava personally, but Grace, while it is a lovely name is a bit filler-ish. It's like the go-to last name for everything (kinda like Marie used to be) I would go for something more unique and substantial in the middle name spot, here are some suggestions:
Ava Elizabeth (popular combo but very pretty)
Ava Josephine
Ava Jessamine
Ava Alessandra
Ava Juliet
Ava Sophia
Ava Violet
Ava Victoria
Ava Isobel
Those who love me know how to reach's been real ladies, peace and love!!
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