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June 15th, 2012, 06:07 AM
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I think he's playing a game and he's winning, big time. I would try getting really, really silly with him at diaper change time. Tickling, grabbing his legs and kicking for him, blowing raspberries on his belly, getting really over the top goofy. Beat him at his own game. He'll probably loosen up and then relax a bit bit so that you can get the job done. Try and make diaper changes a fun time between the two of you instead of a battle. Try not to get furious. It's small potatoes and a battle of wills with a two year old rarely ends well. Get put of the cycle and mindset you in right now for diaper changes. Save the face screaming and bum smacking for really big deals.

Another thing I do with with Holly sometimes, because she's a diaper change fighter too, is I let her watch videos of herself on my phone while I change her.

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