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June 15th, 2012, 09:38 AM
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I agree with Michelle as well (she is a wise, wise woman )

A battle of wills with a toddler will never end in your favor, choose your battles wisely. It could also be that he's getting a reaction out of you, and continuing to kick because it gets a reaction, it gets him attention. In the world of a kid, any attention - even negative - is good attention. Screaming at him and spanking him will only show him that those are also ok ways to respond... Behaviors that you're trying to curb, you may be unintentionally reinforcing.

I would just try to distract him as much as possible. And get in, get out and be done as fast as possible, giving as little attention as possible to his negative behavior and really playing up (in a MAJOR way) his positive when he does stay still or use his gentle touches.

Best of luck and a ton of patience to you. Toddler's are tough to deal with sometimes.

To the Amazing Kelly: Thank you once again!! Amazing only begins to cover it.
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