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June 15th, 2012, 10:23 PM
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So elizabeths birth story starts probably 2 months before she was born, I decided to get a doula since every OBGYN wouldnt listen and was pushing and i was just another number, (3 drs) so i get this doula we have 1 meeting to get all of her paperwork filled out so she can get paid from my insurance. she then tells me that labor and delivery class is awesome and she would meet with us there on the 2nd or last day. She ended up having a delivery the 2nd day and has post natal care the last day so i didnt really mind, she then said she would meet up with me about 2 weeks before my due date to set up a birthing plan, i thought that was a good idea, cuz i didnt want an epidural other pain meds thru iv were fine but didnt want an epidural, wanted to be able to walk around not strapped to my bed, hense why i picked the hospital with the battery operated belly wrap things, and definitly didnt want anything inside, like internal monitor, cathader etc... not a lot but something) the day she planned on coming out she never called, so i texted her wondering if she was still going to be there...she texted back sorry family issues i will meet you next week that time i already had an induction date from my dr, so we scheduled for her to meet with me at the hospital before they started the pit so like 9 am...she didnt show up until 1pm. i was already 3 cm, after she got there i couldnt feel my contractions and i was doing fine so she asked if she could go have some lunch real quick. like the moment she left the dr came in to break my i called her real quick and of course she didnt answer, he broke my water at 3 to progress things, stuck in a internal monitor and a cathader, and wouldnt take it out, so after my water was broken my contractions were literally seconds apart, they hurt like a mofo, and i screamed for drugs and the dr said what and of course the only word that came out of my mouth was epidural, by the time she came back i was calm and relaxed, i told her i got the epidural and she is like oh well then can i go take a nap...( are you kidding me) so i told her i really wished she would have been there on time to do the birth plan cuz she knows none of this was on it, an dya she could go take a nap...whatever i she came in and checked on me at 8 and asked if one of the doulas in training could come watch my that time i wasnt cohereant enough to do anything and i said sure why not. everything was pretty much a blue but at 1245 my dr came in checked me it was time, nurse got my doula +1 and i delivered elizabeth by 132 am...

and on top of everything after everyone left i told the nurses elizabeth was to stay in our room not in the nursery from 2 am until 8 am she was in the nursery the nurses wouldnt bring her to me and my husband was sleeping and i couldnt move due to the epidural!!!!

so my advice do your own birth plan, do your research on the right doula
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