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June 17th, 2012, 03:35 PM
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Thanks for all your responses.

Originally Posted by crunchywannabe View Post
My personal belief is that we each have our own gifts, and we are not all meant to go up to strangers talking about Jesus and how you can be saved. But we can use our gifts to shine that light and in turn that is what 'wins souls' as he puts it. For example I have a really hard time talking with adults about Christianity, but I really enjoy planning fun activities with children, and can speak with them about it. I worked at summer camps and so often we'd hear of the impact children who went home to non christian families had after teaching them what they had been taught at camp! I think it is important, but there is not one way to do it.
I agree with you. I think what bothered me was that he was talking as if you're not talking to strangers and trying to save everyone you meet then you're not really doing God's work. But that's not how God has called me to work for Him. I'm just not comfortable with it.

I think it's awesome that you work with kids. The Holy Spirit is definitely working through you to reach those families.

Originally Posted by happilyeverafter View Post
There are lots of ways to get to Christ and to get others to Christ. I wouldn't consider it a sport, but more of a blessing. Our church does an outreach each month to help "win souls", and it's an amazing blessing to come to church on Sunday and hear that X number of people received Jesus into their hearts or to see new people start coming. My husband and I were saved this way. In a WalMart parking lot by a man and woman from our church. I am so thankful that God directed those people to go out and to speak to people, and I am SO thankful that they listened & responded to the Holy Ghost.
Kimberly, reading this again today almost made me cry!!

I have to admit when I first read it last night I was a little bothered. I get uncomfortable when I hear churches talking about their "numbers". It's this focus on quantity over quality that bugs me. It's not a knock on your church at all. I'm sure it isn't the case there. But I've been in churches that put all the emphasis on getting as many people as they can in the door but do a really bad job of helping those people grow in their faith and actually modeling Christ to them once they get there.

Then this morning my pastor told a story in his sermon about a woman who was in a really dark place in her life and ended up coming to our church and being saved because of an encounter with a man in a parking lot!
I heard that story and immediately thought of your post. I feel like God was saying to me "See? This is what he meant!" so Thank you for sharing that with me.

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