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June 17th, 2012, 08:29 PM
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I agree with pretty much everything all you ladies have said! I agree that people should see Christ through me and I can be different and be an example that way. I'm an outgoing type of person but I'm not comfortable with going up to strangers and talking about Christ. If it happens that I'm talking with someone and can include Christ in my conversation and be an example that way I will but I'm not going to go up to a complete stranger and just start talking about Christ. Personally, I think I'd be 'put off' if someone can up to me somewhere and pushed their religion on me. I'm not against "winning souls to Christ" I just think there are different ways to do that as everyone has a different gift in the body of Christ.

When younger I did lead my nephew to the Lord and that was the greatest feeling! He already knew about God and he was scared of a bad storm and long story short I told him Jesus can be in your heart and help you not get scared. We prayed together and after him praying I asked and he felt and he looked at me and gave me a huge smile and said I feel happy I'll always remember that evening - he was 7 then and now at almost 13 it's been a joy to see him grow as a Christian!!

I'd talk to people more when I was working and at school as most everyone knew I was a Christian and that was always good opportunity. I don't really get much of an opportunity now as I stay at home a lot but I don't feel like a bad Christian because I'm not out "winning souls to Christ".

And, even when you do get to talk with someone about Christ they don't always accept him right away - sometimes you plant a seed or water a seed that will one day blossom into a 'Christian'.
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