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June 18th, 2012, 01:10 PM
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Background on me:
Many of you know me, as I've been 'round these parts for a while. But for those who don't, or for those that are newer, and may not know our whole story, here it goes...

My name is Karin, DH is Patrick, we are both 37, and are finally pregnant with our miracle IVF rainbow baby. We got married in Nov 2007, and started TTC our first in Nov 2008. We did everything "right", from charting, temping, OPKs, fertility monitor, all that jazz. I stopped BC in August of 2008, so it took a few cycles for me to regulate, but once I did, my cycles were 27-28 days like clockwork. I always O'ed on CD 12-14. We timed everything perfect most months, and we just didn't understand why it wasn't working. AF showed up right on time every month. After a year of trying, we went to a doctor, regular OB/GYN. We had only moved here just after we got married, so I didn't really have a doctor yet, so we went on a referral from a coworker of DH. I didn't care for him much, nothing I could pinpoint, but he just didn't jive with me. He prescribed a bunch of tests (bloodwork, HSG, etc) and SA for DH. He did the SA, but I wasn't mentally ready to do all the tests yet. We decided to keep trying, and not worry about it. After all, it can take normal couples a year or more to conceive, so we just figured we were a little on the longer side.

Fast forward until 2011. We had kept trying, though I took a long break from charting, thinking that was stressing me out. In April of 2011, AF was 2 days late. That never happens. We were at the Safari Park walking around that day (2 days late), and I saw a teeny spot of blood. I figured that was that and AF was just being tricky that month. But that was it. Sunday, Monday came, no AF. We decided that if AF wasn't there by Wed, we would test. Tuesday afternoon, I bought HPTs. Wed morning, no AF, so we tested (FRER). It was positive. We were thrilled. I called a new doctor (I had been doing a lot of research, and I got accepted into a Perinatologist practice b/c I am older/AMA, and I am adopted so don't know my family history). She wanted to see me at 8wXd (can't remember, maybe like 8w4d) for a scan. The next few weeks were bliss. We were on cloud 9. I was tired, and hungry, and a few cravings had set in. I started taking belly pics and everything. The day before our scan, I wrote in my journal that I didn't feel pregnant anymore. We went in the next day for our first scan, and were so excited. Unfortunately, there was no heartbeat, and the baby was only measuring 7w1d. We were told to come back in 1 week to make sure. We did, they were sure. Baby was measuring the same. We scheduled D&C for a few days later.

We were oddly at peace with it. One thing you will learn about me is that we are fate-ists. We aren't necessarily religious people (though I'm from a pretty religious family), but we strongly believe in fate. We grieved in our own way, and we were sad, but we knew it wasn't meant to be our bean. We moved on pretty quickly, not dwelling on the sad, but moving forward.

To make things harder, right around this same time, my brother and SIL told us they were expecting. They, too, had struggled with infertility (she has PCOS something fierce), and they had been through 1 round of IVF, and on their 3rd round of FET, they conceived). We were so happy for them, but it also awakened something in us. We realized that we may have been in denial about having to seek MA. As the months went by, and my SIL got closer to delivery (her baby shower when she was 7.5 months was brutal), we finally bit the proverbial bullet. We had gotten a referral to a fertility clinic from my perinatologist, and we finally made the call for a consult. Our first meeting was Nov 11, 2011.

We met with the RE, talked a lot, and she ordered a bunch of tests (HSG, bloods, SA for DH, etc.). We did all that, though the testing took more time to schedule due to holiday schedules and such. Finally, in January 2012, we had our follow up appointment. All testing was done, we were ready to chat. DH had pretty normal SA results, though his morph was on the low end at 4%. My HSG was perfect, as were most of my bloods. The only level of mine that was poor was my AMH. It was terribly low at 0.4. For those unfamiliar, it's a measure of egg quality. In a nutshell, i had very few, and very dusty eggs. What did that mean? Our RE said that our best chance of conceiving would be to use IVF with ICSI using DONOR eggs. She wasn't even sure that my eggs would work. She wasn't 100% convinced, though, so she was willing to give it a shot.

As luck would have it, my cycle was just at the right time, so I started Estrace that day. About 10 days later, I went in for another test (SHG = all clear), and we were cleared to start the stims. I stimmed for 10 days on a high dose of Follistim and microHCG, and was monitored via bw and u/s every other day. When we were getting close to triggering, we had only 6 follies, though of decent size. However, my E2 levels had dropped dramatically, meaning that I had started to ovulate on my own, before the trigger. That meant that she had lost control of my cycle, and couldn't guarantee that the retrieval would be successful. We had 2 options: cancel the cycle altogether, or proceed with IUI. We all agreed IUI was the best option, though we all knew it wouldn't work. Sure enough, it didn't work. We weren't surprised.

We were anxious to start round 2. However, my body had other plans. One of my ovaries was "noisy" (i.e. still very large), and we needed to quiet it down before we could start again. I remained on Estrace for about 3 weeks. Finally, we were ready to go. I did a completely different protocol this time, to prevent my body from trying to ovulate on it's own this time. I was on microLupron protocol, plus Follistim and microHCG (almost the highest possible dosages of each). I stimmed for a total of 16 day (ugh), with a minimum of 4 injections a day, usually around 6. It was brutal. Monitoring every other day with bw and u/s. I was growing good follies, though I was a slow responder at first. When we got to trigger, I had 10 follies, of which we thought 7-8 of which would be viable. (Note: early on, the RE said that if she got me to produce 6, she would consider it a small miracle!) We triggered, then went for retrieval.

They got 6 eggs out! We were surprised and thrilled. Of the 6, 5 fertilized via ICSI, and of the 5 that fertilized, 4 continued to grow to transfer day. Of the 4, 1 was absolutely perfect on their grading scale, and 1 was near perfect. The other two were not as good, but not bad. We decided to transfer the 2 great ones on Day 5, and see what the other 2 did on Day 6. We transferred the 2, and on Day 6, the other 2 grew enough to be good enough to freeze! So, as it stands, we have 2 totsicles on ice!

The 2WW was the longest. We had a trip to Vegas planned with our best friends, so that helped pass the time (though I had to take it pretty easy). We are NOT home testers, so we didn't cheat. We waited until our 14 DPR appointment, and I went for my betas. A few days prior to that, I already felt I was pregnant. I was severely out of breath (I'm a former marathon runner) from just walking around, and I was already super tired. We were actually convinced that both embies had taken and I was pg with twins. Lo and behold, the betas came back later that day: 160. I was pregnant. But, we weren't celebrating yet. I wanted the repeat betas to be sure. Two days later, betas came back: 324. Everything was looking perfect. We were to go in at 6w for our first baseline scan.

We went in on Mon 6/4 for our scan. We were nervous, but within a few seconds, RE said "There's your pumpkin, and there's the heartrate." We were overjoyed. We returned today for the 8w scan. Update to follow...

Thanks *Kiliki* for my amazingly perfect siggy!


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