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June 19th, 2012, 10:08 AM
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Quick update this morning, ladies. DH and I decided that I need to get out of the house in the morning, while I still have energy. I used to spend all my free time at the Safari Park, but lately, have had no energy to do so, despite the fact that I have a ton of time (in between quarters at school), and the weather has been near perfect. I tried going last week for a couple hours, and got so tired, I had to leave. I used to be able to spend 5-6 hours easy there. Now, if I make 2 I'm happy. So, I just ate breakfast, and am going to make myself go walk the Park for an hour or two. It's not too hot yet, so it should be nice.

Symptom wise, nothing new. I have a teeny bit of cramping this morning, but it's really low, so doesn't feel anything like normal cramps. Could be from the tv u/s yesterday, could just be uterus stretching. Doesn't feel abnormal or bad, so I'm sure it's just fine. I only got up 1x to pee last night, so that's a huge victory! Granted, I've been playing catch up all morning, though.

Took my 8w belly pic last night. It's pretty remarkable how big my bloat gets by night time. Even DH just can't believe how big it looks for being so early. It's sort of comical. I will get belly pics started later this afternoon. I just wanted to wait until after yesterday's appointment to start posting them.

I will check in later...hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!

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