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June 20th, 2012, 03:39 AM
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Hello All (sorry it's long)
I have had 6 home pregnancy test that have all come positive, but i haven't yet had a missed period. My periods are regular on a 28 day cycle. I had a period on April 13th for my usual 5 days. Then in May it was alot lighter and only lasted 4 days. Me and my partner had intercourse on the 25th May so i'm guessing this is the day we concieved. I did the first HPT on the 30th May. I just wasn't feeling myself. I had tender breasts, nausea and the odd stomach cramp. So i got a positive from my test and did another one the following morning and again got a positive.
Over the next few days i did some more tests and got positives everytime. I finally got a doctors appointment on the 7th June,but an hour before my appointment i started spotting. I told my doctor and she advised me that if it got heavier to let her know. It got heavier so she arranged for me to see the early pregnancy unit on the 11th. I realized over the weekend that i was actually due on my period on the 8th. So this bleeding felt nothing more than my period.
I went to the early pregnancy unit and they couldn't see anything at all on the ultrasound or the transvaginal scan. They said it's either too early or i have miscarried or it's ectopic. My pregnancy symptoms have gone.They took my blood and it was only 30 then went to 33 then down to 27. I am going back tomorrow (21st June) for more blood to be taken.
I have had no abdominal cramps or pains. My period lasted for it's usual 5 days. Surely i'd know if i'd miscarried or it was ectopic. Please help i just want to know what the hell is going on!!!
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