Topic: Zaycon foods?
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June 20th, 2012, 08:52 AM
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I *think* a lady I know on facebook uses them. I bookmarked it so I could I could go back to it later. May I ask how much the order came out to?

About 5 years ago (and before that really) my husband worked for IBP, a meat processing plant. We got meat for super cheap and always bought in bulk. Then they sold that plant to Tyson, so we could get beef and chicken for cheap. I'm talking 20 pounds of chicken for $10, 20 lbs of chicken nuggets for $15. Then out of nowhere they decided to close the plant, even though the guaranteed that they would not.. honestly we miss it. Meat is so **** expensive. The husband could hut more but I really hate game foods, yuck! Now he works at Darigold and we get butter for pennies on the dollar, and occasionally we get milk/sour cream/ ice cream but thats only if he trades some of the guys from a different plant. I really miss the meat though.
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