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June 20th, 2012, 09:36 AM
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Thanks ladies. I honestly really don't care...I'm so stinkin' happy to be pregnant, no matter what rough road it took to get here, and no matter what that rough road did to my body! I think what it comes down to is this...if I didn't have to hide it, I'd feel much better. But since I'm trying to keep this on the down-low for another 2 weeks at least, that belly you see is making it really, really hard.

8w2d - Morning
Nothing much to report. I went to bed last night after feeling pretty crummy all night. I couldn't bring myself to eat anything normal for dinner, so I had a bowl of grape nuts, my leftover swedish pancakes from sunday breakfast, and a ton of grapes. I didn't feel sick or anything, just not right. Seems to be an increasing trend in the evening hours. DH went to bed with me too, at 10pm. He usually stays up a little and watches tv, but he was already falling asleep on the couch too.

I didn't sleep well, but that's nothing new. I got up to pee so much I lost count. I couldn't get comfortable, except on my back. Then every time I'd wake up on my back, I'd freak out b/c I wasn't on my left side (supposed to be best). I know it's not a complete no-no to sleep on your back, but somehow in the middle of the night when you aren't fully awake/aware, it becomes a mortal sin.

When I finally got up this morning, I had sort of a funky feeling in my tummy, and of course, loads of awesome gas that just made DH laugh. It was pretty funny though. I'm pretty sure I was tooting all through the night as well.

I got up, fed the dogs, did all the dishes from yesterday (can't bring myself to do them at night, which bothers me to no end), took out the recycling (was piling up), and ate breakfast (waffles today). I feel much better now that I ate.

Today is my last day before school starts tomorrow. I ended up making a change to my school plan, though I'm not sure it will work out the best timing-wise.

My original plan was to complete 3 certifications: Zoo & Aquarium Science (ZAS), Exotic Animal Training (EAT), and Wildlife Rehabilitation (WR). As thing stood at the end of last term, I had completed ZAS, and only needed 3 more classes to complete the other 2. Two are offered this term, and one is offered in the Fall. So, at the end of November/early December, I would have completed all 3 programs in just over a year of full time study. Not too shabby. Well, in true Karin form, I had to be an overachiever.

Since some of the classes count for more than one program (i.e. a required course for one program could count as an elective for another), I did a little research. If I one of the classes I take this coming term was switched to another class, it would not only still count for the program I am in (just a different elective), but it would also count as a required course in a completely different program - Animal Assisted Therapy. With a little more digging, turns out that I have already completed much of the requirements for this program anyway, and if I just switch that one class this term, add one 1 class in the Fall, then one class in the Winter, I will have an entirely new certification under my belt...grand total of four.

I waffled back and forth. If I stuck with my original plan, I would have it really easy during the Fall term (Sep-Nov ish), and then I would be done. Plenty of time to chill before baby. But no, I had to make things challenging! I will be taking one class in the Winter term, which starts in Jan, and runs through March. Worst case scenario, if Jan rolls around and I don't feel I can do it, I can always just wait and take that class next time it's offered (later in the summer). No big deal. I've also thought about talking with one of my Professors, who knows me extremely well, and also happens to be the founder of the school, and seeing if he would allow me to take another course in the Fall, instead of the required course in the Winter.

Here's why that might work. The last required course in Winter I need is Practical Psychology. It's NOT about animals, it's only about human psychology. I majored in Psychology in undergrad. And I double majored in Sociology. I guarantee you that I could pass that class without doing a single lick of reading or work. I know the school would not want to grandfather me out of the class entirely (like testing out of a class in college), because they are small and likely need the tuition. But, if I offered to take a replacement class in the Fall term (i.e. there is one elective that I REALLY want to take, but it doesn't fit in my program otherwise), they would still get their tuition, and I would still complete the 4th program, and i would still be done before baby!

Win win. Sorry that was long. It's been weighing on my mind the past few weeks, and I just finally sort of figured it out. If you got through that, kudos.

Ok, so that's that. School starts tomorrow, today is my last day off, and it's supposed to be nice out. I'm going to head to the Park again this morning. Morning visits seem to work a bunch better than afternoon, when I'm far too tired to do anything productive.

So, off for now! Will check back in this afternoon!

Thanks *Kiliki* for my amazingly perfect siggy!


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