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June 20th, 2012, 08:19 PM
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Hello and welcome!!! I'm Aubrey and DH is Jason. We tried for 15 months before getting our BFP! Just know that getting pregnant without help IS possible... it might just take longer, and lots of patience. If you happen to be overweight (lots of PCOS women are) start working on that now as it can help start to regulate things and get you closer to get that BFP.

My husband and I hadn't really gotten to the point to seek much medical help, but we WERE doing things on our own to help. Soy Isoflavones work like Clomid but you do not need a script. The cycle I got pregnant I was taking the Soy. We were also using Pre Seed, one of the only "safe" lubricants for trying to conceive. I had also started taking Metformin (that I had from months previous but had given up on) about 4 days after ovulation. I was also temping which was great because I could see when I ovulated and even when implantation took place. Temping is sort of difficult as many of us get up and all different times day to day, but if you stick with it and do it it can be very helpful. WOW, I feel like I'm rambling... anyways this site and group is great. The women here know tons that can help in getting that BFP. Hopefully you stick around and we see more of you

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