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June 20th, 2012, 10:12 PM
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Originally Posted by mamma_anna View Post
Kimberly, reading this again today almost made me cry!!

I have to admit when I first read it last night I was a little bothered. I get uncomfortable when I hear churches talking about their "numbers". It's this focus on quantity over quality that bugs me. It's not a knock on your church at all. I'm sure it isn't the case there. But I've been in churches that put all the emphasis on getting as many people as they can in the door but do a really bad job of helping those people grow in their faith and actually modeling Christ to them once they get there.

Then this morning my pastor told a story in his sermon about a woman who was in a really dark place in her life and ended up coming to our church and being saved because of an encounter with a man in a parking lot!
I heard that story and immediately thought of your post. I feel like God was saying to me "See? This is what he meant!" so Thank you for sharing that with me.

Our church is certainly not a large church, and it is never our goal to "gain members." It IS our goal to share the word of God and to help others that may otherwise never even give it a second thought. A lot of people just don't know how to get saved, and that breaks my heart. In five minutes, you can tell someone something that can change their lives and make the difference in them spending eternity in heaven or hell. That is our goal. One of the questions we ask people is if they were to leave and die that night, would they go to heaven or hell. Probably 90% of them answer hell. (my husband and I did when we were asked) It is terrible that so many people believe they are on the way to hell and don't realize that they are LOVED and that Jesus Christ himself died for them and wants to give them eternal life and health and bless them and surround them with love. God said that his people perish for a lack of knowledge. God's children are perishing and going to hell because they simply DON'T KNOW what to do. It's so awesome to tell people that there is a way out and to show people "the light".

AFTER we speak to people and/or pray for/with them, we offer them a little booklet telling them about our church. We do not insist that they come to OUR church, but we do suggest that they get themselves into a good church that preaches the true word of God because they will need the support of a church family and the leadership and guidance to grow as a new Christian.

My posts are really long, but this topic is close to my heart.

Originally Posted by May14th2011
I'm not a very outgoing person, so for me going up and talking to people is a big thing. I do much better at serving in a ministry, whether it's making fliers for an outreach, working behind the scenes, or whatever.
I really believe that if I can work behind the scenes, I can possibly free up someone else to go and talk to people.
Agreed. It takes every part to make up the body of Christ!
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