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June 21st, 2012, 08:41 AM
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A wash of "everyone's getting pregnant but me" jealousy is sweeping in. I really dislike this feeling, but two of my wttc girls just got bfp's, two fb friends are pregnant, half a dozen are due... sometimes I hate being me.

I'm 7dpo... no feeling that this could be our cycle. I'm to the point now... I'm starting to get upset with each cycle.. though I won't admit it to DH. I've never had a problem getting pregnant before, just staying pregnant. now.. nothing. DH's ex had extreme pcos... so it's not a surprise they had troubles conceiving.... I just hate that we are having issues too. And it doesn't help that his Ex and new husband are seeing an RE right now to try and conceive.... so jealous.. I hate feeling like this.

this summer needs to fly by... we're getting insurance this fall... I'd love a full physical on both of us.

*crawls under a rock to hide*
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