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June 22nd, 2012, 08:09 AM
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Ok so for years we've been dealing with dh's exr telling him 2 days in advance when his dd's have a significant event (dance recital, school play, etc) - things that are scheduled well in advance. For those that don't know she moved the girls 4 hours away from dh. So for him to get to these events, it takes some planning not to mention money for gas, food & hotel room. He works 1 weekend a month & more often than not when she tells him of the event he is working & he can't change it that close. If he had advance notice, he could switch with someone.

So yesterday she calls & says "My sister is flying into Chicago so I'll be in for the weekend. I'm dropping Eloise off with you" Really????? Your sister's flying in from Texas & you didn't know this weeks ago? Of course we can't say no because we haven't seen dsd since New Years. We love her & we miss her but.......

This is the worst weekend EVER! It's Lucy's dance recital & she's in all 3 shows this year. So she & I will be gone from 10am-10pm on Saturday plus from 12:30-5 on Sunday. I'm required to work backstage for 2 shows. The recital is held in a theater that is 45 minutes from our house.

Did I mention that I had to buy the tickets in May????? They're $15 per ticket (they put on a really good, professional grade show). Of course I don't have a ticket for dsd because I didn't know she was coming. It's not so much about the cost but I don't know if we can get a ticket for the show we're going to. It's the Saturday night one and I don't know if they are sold out. Plus even if we can that means that I'll have to sit alone & not with my family. MIL is coming from out of town to see the show too. It was MIL, dh, Noah & me originally. Plus I'm really honked off because I had my act together this year & got my ticket order in right away & we got awesome seats! Now because of this I'll have to sit by myself in a crappy seat (if I can get one) to watch MY only dd's dance recital.

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