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August 24th, 2006, 02:44 PM
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thanks so much everyone. I wish I could live by all of you! I sat down and talked to Hailey and she's excited cause tommorrow we are going to the y to enroll her in ballet class ( something she's wanted for awhile) and I told her she will make new friends there...she is very happy about that. We live in a small town where most people are against homeschooling and think that those who homeschool are weird. The neighbors say that my dd is too smart and it will hurt her later in llife. I don't see how being smart will hurt her! Hailey is very bright and has a passion to learn and I have always thought that to be great. I am very lucky to have a bright kid who learns quickly and has a GREAT imagination! I just hate seeing her get hurt Anyone wanna bring there kids here to play with her?
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