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June 22nd, 2012, 09:59 PM
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Originally Posted by kbpeanut View Post
First, Michelle, thanks for posting something that said "cake". As must as it was unrelated to actual cake, all it did was make me want cake. But I got grapes instead. I need to be careful what I write on FB, I don't need people being suspicious!

Ya, we will probably do BJs...a big menu, so I can choose anything I want. That's good, because my tastes change hourly!

I'm vacillating between wanting grapes and sausage right now.
Sorry about the cake thing! And the other stuff too. But just to ease your mind, my profile is viewable only by my friends and I check it regularly, from another account that I don't have as a friend, to make sure that FB hasn't screwed up and make it public.

And eww! Grapes and sausage. The thought of those together is nauseating to say the least! I'll go back to thinking about those cheddar biscuits. That I have a recipe for. On Pinterest. In case you were interested.

Michelle ~ Mommy to Joseph
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