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June 23rd, 2012, 08:46 AM
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You have to ovulate to get pregnant. You cannot get pregnant if you don't ovulate because there needs to be an egg to fertilize.

You probably should get another morning after pill, just in case, since you didnt' get your period there is that chance that you haven't ovulated yet and that would mean you can at any time. With that said, as another poster said, there is only a 20% chance a cycle for a couple who are actively trying at the right time. Also, if the condom was the spermicide one, then the spermicide would still be present, it's sort of a back up. It'll kill many, probably not all but most die just on the trip, very few make it to the egg.

Maybe you should look into a more constant form of birth control so you don't have any more scares.
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