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June 25th, 2012, 08:39 AM
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Well it's all a bit confusing, we're not even sure the aunt was here. According to dh that was the 1st story & then there was another story about it being bio mom's birthday weekend. Who knows?

She did have her latest boyfriend with her & they ended up leaving earlier on Sunday because he was throwing up Gotta love karmic justice!

Anyway, it was rough on dd so I put my footdown & said this can't happen again next year. I told him to make it clear to his ex that we can't take dsd on recital weekend. DD only sees her 3-4 times a year & adores her. Sunday dd was a mess at her recital because she was tired & was missing her sister.

BTW: MIL found out about it the week before. So she knew before we did. She didn't say anything because she assumed we knew about it. So crazy!

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