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June 25th, 2012, 01:57 PM
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I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes in my 9th week because of a combination of family history and a fasting number of 103. After being told that I'm not eating enough and I should have a snack 10 hours before testing my fasting number, I think I wasn't given the information to have an accurate diagnosis. I have been testing my numbers with the glucometer for 2 weeks, 4 times a day as I have been required and consistently, my fasting number has been in the 80s and I am within normal range after all meals (even after pancakes for breakfast and pizza for dinner). I don't think I have gestational diabetes. When I took my 8am hospital fasting number, I hadn't eaten since 6pm the night before so that could have given the wrong reading because my liver was producing the sugar. What can I do? Testing my blood so many times a day is just an inconvenience that I don't need right now.
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