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June 26th, 2012, 09:40 AM
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9w1d - Morning Ladies!
I am having all sorts of tummy troubles this morning. I don't feel nauseous or queasy, but my tummy is a mess. Maybe this is my form of m/s? Either way, it's annoying, but nothing I can't handle.

After my 4pm lunch, I wasn't really hungry for dinner, so DH just heated up some leftovers for himself. I eventually had a bowl of cereal. Which I'm very glad I did, it's helping to, ahem, move things along this morning, if you catch my drift.

I got up this morning late. I was supposed to help DH pack for his trip, but he didn't wake me up when he was supposed to. He said I looked so peaceful sleeping he just couldn't bear to wake me. I finally woke up (I think he dropped something on my foot on the bed while packing), and got him out the door for Delaware for the rest of the week. I fed the dogs, happy that Peanut is eating a little again (he hasn't eaten much this week). Even if it was rice and pancakes, he's eating. I got a little dog food down, so that's good. Made some pancakes for myself, and now just catching up here.

The weather is looking to be nice, so I'm going to head to the Park for a bit this morning, before I get too tired, and before it gets too hot. I have to run to the pet store, get dog food, a light for my crab tank, and crickets. I should really run to target, but if I get tired, that can wait. Maids come today, and it would be nice if I was out of the house when they were here. I always feel like I am in their way.

Other than that, nothing too exciting to report. I have a little school to do, but I can do that later today and tomorrow. It's not much, probably just about an hour or so of work, and I have 2 days to finish it. If I were smart, I'd get a jump start on next weeks reading. Perhaps my books will come to the Park with me.

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday. I'll try and get my 9w belly pics up shortly!

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