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June 26th, 2012, 05:23 PM
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9w1d - Sour is the BOMB.
So, I ate my pancakes, tossed on my (new, awesome, how did i live without them) maternity capris, and went to the Park. I didn't bring my books, mostly because I forgot. I brought some snacks, a bottle of ice (that eventually melts into icy water), and went and camped by the ambassador stage for the morning. Saw many friends, human and animal, and as I was there, I munched on plain rice cakes. Whatever my tummy was doing this morning, those seemed to fix it. I hung out for a bit, saw the bird show (and more friends), another presentation, then I went to the pet store. Got the dogs some new foods (they all of a sudden don't like the food they've been eating for years.). I'm picky when it comes to what I feed them. I like them to enjoy it, but I'm finicky about buying only natural/organic foods. Got in lenghty conversaion with the guy that worked there, and ended up with 2 small bags of 2 different kinds of foods (one for Max, he has a bit of a weight problem, one for Peanut, he needs a LID, limited ingredient diet for his sensitive tummy). They didn't have the right crickets I needed, nor did they have the light for my crab habitat. Need to make a reptile store trip for those. Not unusual.

Then I went to target. Still feeling pretty darn good, but I had a few things to get, figured I could knock it out quickly. Also, my Target is one that has a grocery, and I was hoping upon hoping that they would have the ice cream I've been craving for a few days, since my grocery did not. In the parking lot, I saw that I had a bunch of email, so I took a quick look. Noticed a few board emails, so read them. Saw Lyz' comment about sour candies. It was all I could do to keep from running directly to the snack aisle!

So, here was my basket. "Basket of Pregnancy", I call it:
* More sunblock (always in need with the amount of time I'm outside)
* Conditioner & Soap
* Travel stuff for DH (toothpastes, etc)
* Breyers Mint Choc Chip ice cream
* Ice Cream Cones
* Juicy Fruit Gum - big huge pack
* Bag of fruit slice candies (like gumdrops)
* Bag of lemon drop candies
* 2 Bags of Sour Patch Kids
* 1 Pair maternity shorts (very cute!)
* Disposable razors for DH

I think the check out lady was like "WTH?" She just glanced at my bloat, and kept her mouth shut

I don't even feel bad at all today, but as soon as I read "sour candies", I HAD to have them. Got home, had a handful, washed them down with an ice cream cone. Great lunch.

Talked to my folks quick, just to catch up, nothing big. Getting ready to have a shower, then relax on the couch with the pups tonight. Wonder what dinner will be? A bacon and hard boiled egg sandwich sounds perfect right now. Jeez!

OH! I forgot to mention earlier that as of last night, I am finally OFF my progesterone and estrogen! It is a little odd feeling, not having patches to be mindful of/change, and not having to deal with the progesterone (suppositories), or their associated mess (if you've done them, you know what I mean by that), but it's very nice also. I haven't noticed any difference, other than my bloat is going down, but that started before I stopped the meds. Either way, it's really nice to be done with those. As my RE said at the 8w appt, "Your body is making PLENTY of what you need."

So, that's that. Hope everyone had a wonderful day!

Thanks *Kiliki* for my amazingly perfect siggy!


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