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June 27th, 2012, 09:29 AM
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First name: Ruby
Due date: Feburary 7 or 12 (mostly whenever they darn well please)
Genders if known: Unknown until september

How are things going so far? So far so good. Not much to report, except I'm starving all the time. Which gives me a great excuse to eat!
When is your next appointment? Sometime in July....I wrote it down I swear!
What are you most anxious about? Having a c-section. I really want another vaginal birth (with a big epi), c-sections scare me. It wasn't even a concern with DD or DS, but now that it's twin, I'm worried about it.
What are you most excited about? Holding the babies! That's when it all becomes real for me, when the baby (or babies in this case) are safely in my arms.

What question would you most like us to answer for you? Any suggesstions on 3rd row SUVs? Also, anyone got a Honda Oddessy and how awesome is it? We need new cars.
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