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June 27th, 2012, 10:08 PM
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Loving my girls!!!!
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First name: Magda
Due date: 11/28
Genders if known: Looks like b/g will know for sure on 7/17!

How are things going so far? They are ok...I'm not a good pregnant person so I'm ready for them to get here!
When is your next appointment? 7/8
What are you most anxious about? Juggling a 4 year old, 2 year old, and TWO newborns. Also anxious about being able to successfully exclusively nurse them
What are you most excited about? Two cute babies!

What question would you most like us to answer for you? I'd like any advice on nursing!!

Originally Posted by magicalthinking View Post
Well DBF is a SAHD so he's the one carting the kids around all day, and he's in love with the Honda Oddyssey! Like before I even got pregnant this time he was showing me pictures of them going "Look! Look how cool it is! It looks like a real van! Look babe, storage! Hey, you said you like Hondas and can work on them!" (I do minor car repairs, and diganois whats wrong with our cars).

Since he'll be with the kids all day I'm considering the 3rd row so I can have room for the kiddos if needed but otherwise ya know...I'm rollin in style...with cheerios stuck in my hair (there were cheerios in my hair when I got to work). But heck, the Oddyssey sound awesome...maybe we can be those people with matching cars...
We got a Toyota Sienna and LOVE it! I thought about an SUV with 3rd row but a minivan is just so much more convenient and roomy. That was the first thought I had at my u/s when they told me it was twins..."Thank GOD I already have a minivan!"
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