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June 27th, 2012, 11:16 PM
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Oh, wow, Nicole. I can see why that would bother you.

I don't have a "horror" story, but my experience was the exact opposite of Megan's.

Growing up I never met any other kids with my name and sometimes I wondered if it wasn't a good/pretty name if none of the other kids had it. NO ONE ever spelled it correctly and often did not pronounce it correctly - and I hated that. I have been called:
Jayna (a lot and I hate that one)
Jenna (a lot)

So, I am more attracted to baby names for my kids that are more common - or at least people know how to spell them when they hear them and know how to pronounce them when they see them.

I didn't really care for my name growing up but I have come to like it more in adulthood.....but not enough to give my children more unique names.
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