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August 24th, 2006, 07:01 PM
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Ava Grace
Morgan Elizabeth
MacKenzie Rhiann (prn Ry anne)
Emma Gracelyn

From your list:

I like Ava & Grace, just not as a combo. I agree with the other women who think Ava needs something besides just Grace as a middle name. I think a different name could spice it up instead of being a pretty, yet sorta boring name.

I like Morgan Elizabeth but it isn't my favorite from your list.

I don't like MacKenzie Rhiann. MacKenzie is very trendy so NMS & I don't like Rhiann because it sounds like a boy's name & I usually don't like boy's names on girls. Just my opinion of course!

I love the name Emma but you have to consider there are lots of Emmas and Emilys out there these days and if you don't mind having a super popular name then go for it b/c it is very pretty. In fact I think using a double name "Emma Grace" (drop the -lyn on Gracelyn)-- would be my favorite choice from your list so far.

Congrats on the baby BTW!!
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