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June 28th, 2012, 09:28 PM
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CD 25, 10 DPO, Cycle #1

Today was actually a pretty productive day. I was working from home, and I always get more done while at home than when I'm actually at work. Funny how that works. It's harder for people to interrupt you if you're 25 miles away, with a phone number they don't know. LOL

DH and I went to the local AFB here to talk to the Tricare folks about me being covered. We waited longer than we actually talked to someone! How many times does THAT happen anywhere else?! Anyway, turns out I'm already signed up for the coverage, and I just need to get new RXs sent in to their mail order pharmacy. Instead of paying $60 for a 90-day supply of testing strips, I'll pay $9 through the military. WOO HOO!!!! Even my insulin will save me money... $40 vs $9 through the military. So on two RXs, I'll save $100 - $18 = $82 savings every 3 months! Great, Great, Great!

Also, I found out they will cover some infertility services, should we need them, but they must be coital-related (in other words, no IUI, no IVF, etc.) Primarily they'll cover hormonal things. I guess that's better than nothing, should we need any of that.

Cycle-wise, still mild cramping, still no other sign of the . I typically retain water like CRAZY and that's not happening. I typically get zit after zit after zit, and though I think I may have one, that's certainly not the several I normally get. Someone mentioned vivid dreams, and I've CERTAINLY had them every night the last 2 or 3 nights. I do typically have dreams, sometimes very strange ones, but not usually for several nights in a row. No other things going on, other than mildly constipated.

I told DH tonight over dinner what my plan is for testing. I think I've decided to wait until Sunday to test, if AF hasn't made her appearance by then. That would be 13 DPO and since I'm not sure how my cycles are going (this is cycle #1 since starting to chart), I'm not sure when I should be "late." Temps are still decent; although, we all know how quickly that can change.

The next few days will be FILLED to the brim with things to do for the trip we're taking to WA on July 11. We're leaving Tucson and driving to Seattle for my 20-year high school reunion, and then going to ID to visit my parents for just over a week. I'm SO THRILLED to be leaving Tucson for 2 weeks in the summer, but I'm also the chair of the reunion committee and we're trying to cajole people into attending to make the reunion worthwhile. Ick. I hate this part of it. But, the reunion should be fun. While we're in the Seattle area, I have an appointment to go see my childhood home (from the inside) with the current owners. My parents sold the house in 2000 and moved to ID, and I'd like to see the inside once more. I'm chalking it up to some sort of closure. It will still be hard to see it, however, as I'm sure it has changed.

Well, speaking of the reunion, I have to do a couple more things related to that before bedtime, so I better get to that.

Thanks for reading!

Me: 41, DH: 44 (He has a 15-year-old from a previous marriage)
I'm a Type 1 diabetic (28 years and counting), and I've had gastric bypass (Dec, 2013 - currently at goal weight)

Started with an RE on 7/23/2014 and so far:

SA came back with 44 million, 27.3% alive
Fibroids present, endometriosis suspected, had surgery in Dec 2014 to correct
HSG normal - both tubes open

Cycle 1: August, 2014 - Natural, failed

Cycle 2: September, 2014 - Chemical Pregnancy

Cycle 3: October, 2014 - Failed IUI

Cycle 4: November, 2014 - Failed IUI

Cycle 5: December, 2014 - Missed due to surgery

Cycle 6: January, 2015 - Failed IUI

Cycle 7: February, 2015 - Failed IUI

Cycle 8: March, 2015 - Natural cycle, failed

Cycle 9 - IVF #1: April, 2015 - 13 eggs retrieved, 8 fertilized, 4 transferred (3-day), 4 frosties. Chemical pregnancy.

Cycle 10: Natural cycle in preparation for FET in June, 2015.
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